Why do you need a Document Management System?

Doing More With Fewer People

Everyone is trying to do more with fewer people, and in these times, the need for efficiency is even more critical. Time spent filing, searching for documents, re-filing, and managing the boxes full of archives is time wasted.

This heavy construction firm implemented the Document Management System from the outset. All the staff began using DMS as they learned the system, so now it is second nature to look in DMS when documentation is needed. Everything is being kept in DMS, even non‐accounting related documents, because it makes them easy to store and retrieve.

“After a year’s work there were roughly 40,000 documents stored in DMS. No longer to are people away from their desks trying to locate paperwork; now they are all able to retrieve what they need directly from INTERAC. In fact, all the paperwork is being shredded after it is scanned into DMS, eliminating all the time and expense of filing the steady stream of paper that flows through the office.

We have benefited from DMS in several key ways. Most importantly, the time saved in the accounting process has made it possible to handle the same volume of work with 4 staff instead of 6. That is a significant savings in both time and dollars. Utilizing DMS has made it possible for each of them to remain at their desks instead of spending time at the file cabinets.

The ability to email documents directly from the INTERAC applications makes it quick and easy to send backup information internally as well as to customers and vendors. This has greatly reduced the turn-around time to respond to questions and issues. Emailing also provides a record of what has been sent and when.

Through Terminal Services, even the people in the remote offices are able to retrieve the documents they need, so they no longer need to interrupt someone in the accounting group to help them locate it. This has been another factor in the improved productivity of the accounting team.”

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