Professional Services

Our professional services are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals seeking

top-tier guidance and specialized support.

Professional Services At Intersoft Systems

Intersoft enhances user experience with Installation & Implementation Services, offering expert guidance for HP Servers and INTERAC software. We provide remote or on-site support, and simplify report design through our service, customizing INTERAC reports to your needs, along with estimates for time and cost.

Installation & Implementation Services

Our customer support staff will collaborate with your IT professionals to instruct them in the proper installation and setup of INTERAC software. Alternatively, one of our support staff can be dispatched to your location to facilitate installation and setup (travel and lodging expenses will apply).

Report Design

The custom report writers in INTERAC are not only very powerful but also easy to use. However, there are times when INTERAC users simply do not have the time or desire to design their own custom reports and would prefer to have it done for them.

Intersoft addresses this need with our report design service. One of our support professionals will work with you to determine your reporting needs and custom design a report template that fulfils these requirements. After an initial consultation to determine the scope of the project, our support professional can provide you with an estimate of the time involved and the total cost.

Why choose us

Choosing INTERAC means selecting a partner dedicated to the success of your business. Here's why we stand out

Our tax advisors handle consultations and legal work by phone, email, and our secure client portal.

Tailored for You

INTERAC provides customized solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.

Comprehensive Business Support

Beyond standard accounting, INTERAC offers advanced features like multi-company/division configuration, consolidated financial reporting, and robust payroll support.

Effortless Collaboration

Our Import/Export utility facilitates seamless data sharing, promoting easy collaboration with other systems.

Empower with Simplicity

INTERAC's intuitive report tools and user-friendly Report Manager make accessing critical information simple, even for non-accounting team members.

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