How much does all that paper really cost?

Storage Costs
I’ll bet you have file cabinets full of paper in your office and additional off-site archive storage, all of which comes at some cost.

The Document Management System can eliminate the need for all that storage space. Not only are the documents converted to pdf format, they are also linked to the appropriate records within your INTERAC system, making

them really easy to locate when you need them.

Supplies Costs
If you are printing or copying documents for the files, there is a cost per page for every page you print. And, unless you have a printer on every desk, valuable work time is lost going to the printer to retrieve printouts.

  • Printers & Copiers must be purchased and maintained.
  • Supplies like paper, ink, toner, & labels are consumed.
  • Binders and boxes are required for the archives.

With the Document Management System, it is all stored on a hard drive and is always just a few mouse clicks away.

Labor Costs
Are documents ever lost, misfiled, or just lost in the shuffle? How much time is spent filing and re-filing paperwork or searching for documents? When you consider the labor hours spent on these tasks, the cost of managing all that paper goes up exponentially. The Document Management System will pay for itself in no time just though increased productivity.

Isn’t it time to see what the Document Management System can do for your organization?

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