Remote Scanning Software Explained

Published 6/18/15 by Eyal Barsky, CEO of OCR Solutions, Inc.

Remote scanning has become a software solution for many businesses looking to scan from within a desktop session in Terminal Services, Citrix, and Windows. Simply put, remote scanning software allows a person to scan directly to a remotely hosted application. This can make life very simple around large offices with a constant workload. Remote scanning software is also very user-friendly

running simply in the background of the desktop not interfering with of your computers’ speed or performance. The software must be initially installed and set-up, but then nothing taxing is required for it to work. In fact, to the users there is really no setup time, all they need to do is hit the scan button on the remote application, choose their scan settings and the image appears immediately on the remote server! The scanner you have connected to your desktop would be used as it always was, just with the ability to share documents over a server. Some of the benefits to remote scanning are:

  • The ability to work with any TWAIN-compliant device as well as webcams for imaging and scanning directly into Terminal Server or Citrix hosted applications.
  • The use of effective, lossless compression – Network traffic will not be noticeably slower during the transfer of images. The software compresses the outgoing file along with encrypting it on the sending side and unzip’s the file on the server so quickly it is virtually like scanning on one’s desktop.
  • The allowance of multiple scanners to be network shared – A server can detect individual scanners as long as they are attached to a desktop.
  • The ability to lock scanner settings for network impact limitation – DPI resolution and color are consistent with the software, which also limits network impact.
  • Remote scanning software is universal and works with any international system around the world. There is no limitation whatsoever on foreign language applications.
  • Some organizations use the system to share scanners on a network which is similar to sharing a printer.

With most businesses looking to increase workload in lesser time specifics, remote scanning software can most definitely help with this issue. The software allows businesses to perform daily tasks of cohesion as quickly as a push of a button. If you are looking for a remote scanning solution please consider using VirtualScan,OCR Solution’s most advanced and easy to use remote scanning software. To get your free trial please click on the link above or go to

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