Reduce or Eliminate Archival & Storage Expenses

To reduce or eliminate archival and storage expenses associated with all that paper.

A heavy industrial contractor found significant savings in the man hours required to manage the filing and maintenance of their paper archives.

“With a volume of about 600 invoices and 120 checks per week, DMS has eliminated five double wide file cabinets full of paperwork that no longer has to be filed and stored. This has also helped to eliminate documents that were frequently ‘lost in the shuffle’. Not only do the documents not get lost, there is no longer a need to locate paperwork in the files and then re‐file it when a review is necessary. Once it is attached to a record through DMS, it is always available to anyone who needs it.

The Document Management System more than pays for itself every year, with an estimated savings of $36,000 per year just in man hours saved from not needing to file, locate, re‐file, and store all those cabinets and boxes full of paper.”

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