Is Your Data Secure?

Tandberg Data’s AccuGuard™ backup and protection for your INTERAC data

How much of your business critical data is scattered across a variety of personal computers and servers throughout your organization? How do you get all that data backed up and secured? Well Tandberg Data offers a series of RDX products which can take care of this for you.

Whether you need a simple backup solution just for your INTERAC accounting data, or you want an enterprise wide backup solution, AccuGuard has a solution for you. Not only is it powerful, but it is also easy to implement and use. 

RDX QuikStation 4
The Tandberg RDX QuikStation 4 is just one model in the RDX family, but it is worthy of consideration. 

  • The system includes 4 individual drive units which will accommodate a variety of removable cartridge sizes. 
  • The removable hard drive cartridges are easily changed, so keeping an off-site backup drive rotation is no problem.
  • The system utilizes 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, so installation is simple.
  • The AccuGuard software is very user friendly, making it easy to set up your backup routines, and retrieving data is easy, because it uses a familiar Windows Explorer interface. 
  • Selecting the appropriate files, folders, or drives to include in a backup is also a simple process, using the familiar Windows Explorer interface. 
  • Backup jobs can be set to run automatically, and scheduled during down time. 

When the time comes to upgrade your systems, or if you are just looking for a better way to manage your backup needs, we would recommend the RDX solution. Contact Intersoft Systems if you want more information, or have questions. Links to some additional resources are included below.

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