Keeping Your Data Secure

Tandberg Data’s AccuGuard™ backup and protection for your INTERAC data

Making backup safe and simple.
These days, every organization generates lots of digital data that needs to be kept safe and secure. Finding a solution that is both effective and easy to use is an important part of ensuring that a backup solution is actually implemented. As with most things related to technology, backup solutions have changed dramatically in recent years. What used to be the domain of tape drives has now expanded to a variety of removable media options, and now there is the “Cloud” backup and storage option to consider as well.

When it comes to sensitive data like your accounting and payroll information, we find most companies reluctant to use a 3rd party backup service. Keeping the data secure is critical, and there have been enough data breaches in recent months to make anyone wary. So what is available to those of us who want a simple, but secure option to keep our data backed up?

We have found the Tandberg RDX QuikStor with AccuGuard an option that has worked well for Intersoft Systems’ internal needs and also as the primary backup system for a number of other INTERAC users.

  • The drive units are available as either internal or external units, with a variety of removable cartridge sizes. 
  • The removable hard drive cartridges are easily changed, so keeping an off-site backup drive rotation is no problem.
  • They use USB connections, so installing them is really just plug and play. Windows will recognize the drive and automatically install the drivers.
  • The software is very user friendly, making it easy to set up your backup routines, and retrieving data is easy, because it uses a familiar Windows Explorer interface. 
  • Selecting the appropriate files, folders, or drives to include in a backup is also a simple process, using the familiar Windows Explorer interface. 
  • Backup jobs can be set to run automatically, and scheduled during down time. 

When the time comes to upgrade your systems, or if you are just looking for a better way to manage your backup needs, we would recommend the RDX solution. Feel free to contact Intersoft Systems if you want more information, or have questions. Links to some additional resources are included below.

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