What would PayCards do for your organization?

The rapid! PayCard offered by Intersoft provides your company with one of the most comprehensive paycard benefit and ePayroll programs designed for employers choosing to convert to electronic delivery of payroll. The ePayStub and online W2 forms provide multiple outlets for employees to view their electronic statements and tax documents. Your company can expect to see immediate savings and realize increased efficiency by eliminating distribution of regular paychecks and wage statements.

  • ePayCard serves to reduce expenses and provide a new employee benefit. 
  • rapid! PayCard — convert all eligible employees over to standard direct deposit which goes directly to their personal Visa paycard account.
  • ePayStub — Provide paystubs electronically to all employees and eliminate paystub distribution.
  • eW2 — Reduce your company’s requirement to mail paper W2s by providing electronic access.

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ePayCard Intro
Wendy’s Franchise saves $50,000, achieves 100% e-Pay with rapid! PayCard

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