4 Catastrophes a Good Audit Trail Can Help You Avoid

Published on Friday, August 15, 2014 by ADAM BLUEMNER (Find Accounting Software)

It’s been around since accountants ditched adding machines for Apple II’s. And it’s a feature that—when used correctly—can save your business from some truly nasty predicaments.

Ladies and gentlemen, reintroducing your old, but under appreciated friend: the humble accounting audit trail.

Of course, the idea behind the audit trail is simple, really. When you make an entry or change to your accounting records, your accounting software automatically logs the details for future reference. Who did what, when, how, and for how much? It’s the job of the audit trail to make sure that story is always accessible.

As straightforward as the audit trail is, maintaining and monitoring it properly can keep your business out of some complicated messes, including the following:(read more)

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