Intersoft’s Anniversary

October 2023 marks Intersoft’s 41st year in business! We started out in 1982 selling our accounting software, then known as Xact on Burrough’s minicomputers.​

As technology has changed, so has our product. We launched a new product, named INTERAC in 1984 that ran on Burrough’s minicomputers. However, we also branched out to run on Xenix and Unix operating systems, as well as another Burrough’s system known as BTOS.

As technology has continued to change, we moved on to Windows PC’s and servers. Our INTERAC product continues to run on laptops, desktop PC’s, in-house servers and in the Cloud. This year we are branching out with our RTC app to run on Apple and Android devices. Next year we will be working on a web-based system.

We are proud to still be a thriving business that has survived recessions, industry downturns, and even COVID. We are fortunate to have maintained long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Let’s keep moving forward together!

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