Electronic Child Support Direct Deposit

Managing child support garnishments is a critical aspect of any organization’s payroll process. To address this need, INTERAC Accounts Payable offers a cutting-edge solution known as the Electronic Child Support Payment (ECSP) feature.

Effortless Reporting and Payment
The ECSP feature empowers organisations to seamlessly report and pay child support garnishments. By specifying the state agency for filing, INTERAC Accounts Payable ensures that a direct deposit ACH (Automated Clearing House) file is generated according to the specific criteria of the state in question.

A Unique Record Layout
While the ECSP feature follows a process akin to creating a regular direct deposit file, it’s important to note that the record layout differs. Adhering to specific guidelines is crucial to produce the file accurately and in compliance with state regulations.

Varied State Requirements
Different states have varying requirements when it comes to child support payments. Some insist on ACH payments as the designated method, while others may optionally accept the ACH file. This flexibility allows organisations to cater to the specific needs of their jurisdiction.

Seamless Integration with Payroll Deduction Management
For a truly automated experience, consider pairing the ECSP feature with the INTERAC Payroll Deduction Management System. Together, these tools create a seamless process, ensuring that child support garnishment collection and payments flow effortlessly from employee to vendor.

Verify State Support
Before implementing the ECSP feature, it’s advisable to check with your state authorities to confirm if they support this advanced reporting and payment method. This proactive step ensures compliance with local regulations.

Accessing Additional Information and Support
Should you require further details or assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Intersoft Support. You can contact them at 800-547-6429, or send an email to support@intersoftsystems.com.


​In conclusion, the Electronic Child Support Direct Deposit feature provided by INTERAC Accounts Payable represents a significant leap forward in simplifying child support garnishments. By embracing this innovative solution, organizations can enhance their efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in the crucial area of child support management.

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