The Problem:  Drowning in Endless Paper

The Document Management System for Accounts Payable

The Problem
“Overcome” with massive amounts of paper documentation in the Accounts Payable Department, generating 100 to 120 boxes full of paper documents each year.

Key Concerns

  • Manpower & time to scan and attach documents
  • Ability to easily search for and locate documents in the system
  • Need to add and view documents from remote offices.

The Solution
The INTERAC Document Management System (DMS) provided the solution to address the problem and alleviate these key concerns. DMS was implemented throughout multiple companies, across several cities, in multiple states.        

  • At about 10% of the cost of most of the other options, DMS was the only solution that effectively addressed the key concerns listed above.
  • No additional manpower was required for full implementation.
  • Remote offices are able to scan documents to be added to DMS.
  • Documents in DMS are associated with the appropriate records within INTERAC applications and are available for instant recall.
  • Documents are also made available to remote offices, Division Managers, Project Managers, and the Billing Department independent of the INTERAC accounting applications.

Customer Summary
“We have been Intersoft users since 1992. About 6 years ago, we began to investigate imaging systems as we were overcome with paper primarily in the Accounts Payable Department. We were generating 100 -120 boxes of AP related paper every year.

The more we investigated systems, the more convinced we became that while we could eliminate most of the paper, the effect and cost on our “processes” became unacceptable. The time required to index the images so that they could be accessed easily was prohibitive.

In 2006, we looked again at several systems with a price tag of anywhere from $40k to over $150k. At the same time, Intersoft had released their Document Management System. The cost of the application was so reasonable that I immediately placed an order and thought that, if for some reason we could not make it work, the investment was minor.

The INTERAC Document Management System:

  • Eliminates mountains of paper.
  • Makes documentation reaily available to the entire team.
  • Links Documents directly to the transactions.

Case Study

download the case study

On July 1, 2006 (the beginning of our fiscal year) we went live with DMS for accounts payable for all 9 of our companies. Thru the 1st 11 months we have captured over 100,000 images which are available to our users thru Accounts Payable, Job Cost, General Ledger and Depreciation. Most importantly, we have implemented the new process without adding additional personnel.

While the AP department was concerned about the up-front time required to attach images to all transactions, they quickly realized that the back-end savings were so great, that they now love the system.

We have divisions in several cities and multiple states. These divisions used to mail us their payable packets (invoice, packing slip, purchase order) which we would use for data entry and then file. They are now scanning these document at their office and thru our VPN’s, the images are on our servers in Baton Rouge and the people in AP simply attach the images as they key the data into the INTERAC AP application. We make the images available to end users (Project Managers, Division Managers, Billing Department) using Access and Excel.

In summary, we are extremely happy with the application and plan to expand its usage in the coming year. As always, Intersoft has responded very quickly to resolve any issues we had during implementation and with ongoing support.”

Dave Oatley – Controller
The Newtron Group, Inc.

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