The Affordable Care Act & INTERAC Payroll

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has mandated major changes to the reporting requirements of companies that process payroll

Intersoft has been working on changes to INTERAC to comply with the filing requirements 2015. These changes are included in the new INTERAC.NET program which began shipping in September.

The following updates were made to INTERAC Payroll to comply with the ACA reporting requirements:

  • New fields added to the employee master file record to store all of the information that is required on the 1095 forms.
  • Information can be added manually into the employee record using the Master File Maintenance program.
  • Information can also be imported into the employee’s record from an Excel or CVS file using Interlink Master Import.
  • Year end 1094 and 1095 forms will be produced through the Complete Laser  Forms software. Pre-printed forms will not be supported.  (Laser Forms license required – Laser Forms Package Order)

Compiling Employee’s Data
Spreadsheet templates may be used to import both the employee’s information and the covered individuals (dependents) information. For your convenience, these templates and instructions are available for download. Contact Intersoft Systems support to request a link.

Laser 1094 and 1095 Forms
The forms will be produced as part of the Laser Forms package. If you currently license that product you will receive those forms as part of the year end update. Complete the Laser Forms Package Order to add this option to your INTERAC system.

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