Investing in Training

An all too common pitfall is a reluctance to invest in training. We find that our most successful customers are eager to have new hires trained to use their software tools. In addition to training new users, there is value in an occasional refresher course to be sure that the entire team is taking full advantage of the software tools. With all the new enhancements that are being added, it is easy to get behind and never utilize these new, time saving features.

There is never a good time, so waiting until things slow down, or till business picks up, or whatever excuse you might use, training needs to be a priority that is scheduled and utilized just like you would for safety training or job certifications. The productivity gains realized will more than offset the cost and minor disruption to the routine. For some, it means sending users to training seminars, while others prefer to have a trainer come to them. Webinars are also a very effective way to deliver training. There are lots of options that can be tailored to fit your schedule organization providing your organization with the productivity gains to improve your bottom line performance, and after all, that is really what it’s all about.

User conferences are a great opportunity to learn what is new with your software. Not only will you learn about the latest enhancements and new products from the developer, the exchange of ideas and questions from other users may help you discover new ways of doing things that you would not have otherwise thought of. One of the benefits we consistently hear about from user conference attendees is their opportunity to share ideas with other users.

Scheduling routine software reviews with your vendor will help to identify processes that can be improved, features that are not being utilized, and other creative ways to increase productivity. Remember, your vendors work with lots of other users, so they have experience with a variety of ways to approach a given task. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of their expertise and recommendations. They are the most qualified to suggest best practices for their systems.

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