Employee Payroll Deduction Management Made Easy

If managing payroll deductions is an ongoing nightmare every pay period, let us show you how you can automate the process with INTERAC Payroll Deduction Management System. 

The integration between Payroll and Accounts Payable allows the system to automatically allocate each employee’s deductions to the appropriate vendors, consolidating them for payment through the standard accounts payable process. It is all built into INTERAC, so it is easy to set up and manage.

Assign each payroll deduction to the appropriate accounts payable vendor.

  • Federal, state, and local taxes
  • Insurance and benefits
  • Garnishments and child support

Payroll automatically consolidates all the deduction transactions and submits them to the assigned vendors in accounts payable.

  • Common deductions may be assigned to all employees. 
  • Unique deductions may be assigned to individual employees, as needed.
  • Many deductions can be set to calculate automatically, not requiring any further data entry during the payroll process.

Utilize the typical accounts payable process to disburse the payments to each vendor.

  • Utilize direct deposit with vendors to further automate the process.
  • The Document Management System will automatically store a copy of the check or direct deposit statement in the vendor file.
  • Accounts Payable will also generate the standard direct deposit file for Electronic Child Support Payment for upload.

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