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Job Cost Reporting with INTERAC Job Manager

The most common reason we hear from contractors for initiating the search for new accounting software is a need for better Job Cost reporting. Getting this critical information to the right people in a timely 

fashion can make all the difference in being able to avoid costly delays or errors, and address any issues promptly, all of which directly impact the profitability of a job. 

Job Cost reporting isn’t just for the CFO and upper management. It needs to get to the project personnel who directly impact the work being done and are responsible for making any necessary adjustments. With this in mind, Intersoft Systems developed the INTERAC Job Manager program. Job Manager is designed with the project management staff in mind, providing very simple point and click user interface with immediate access to all the Job Cost information. With Job Manager, your entire team can have instant access to the wealth of information in the Job Cost system. 

The main screen provides a complete job summary with the ability to drill down to the detail transactions with a single mouse click and view any associated documentation. You can also run job cost reports from Job Manager with the integrated Report Manager.

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