Change Is Coming!

If you utilize technology, change is a given, so isn’t it better to embrace it and look for opportunities to improve your performance rather than getting stuck in a rut and missing out on all the enhancements that are coming your way? What are those things you keep saying “I wish my system could do….”? Are you sure it doesn’t already have the capability?

A common challenge facing software developers is getting users to adopt and use new enhancements. It is so easy to get comfortable doing things “the way we have always done them” that we ignore new options that would be easier and more efficient. Why are we so resistant to change, even when we know it would be good for us?

Software producers are always adapting to user needs, adding new features and options to make their systems more user friendly, and effective. As users, we would all do well to spend a little time learning about these enhancements to see what they could do to improve our utilization of the system.

With today’s technology, there is no reason to get stuck in a rut, doing things the way we have always done them. There are a variety of easy ways to learn what we need to know and keep up to date with the software tools we utilize.

  • “What’s New” mail, email, newsletter and website postings outline any new features that have been added. The couple of minutes spent reading these announcements could save you hours down the road just from learning about new, time saving features.
  • Webinars provide excellent online training resources, whether they are live, or pre-recorded sessions that you can attend at your convenience, these can be a great way to learn about new concepts and techniques. Consider the time an investment in enhanced productivity.
  • Training is critical. Nobody is better qualified to help you learn best practices than those who develop the applications. The most successful companies invest in up-front and ongoing training for their users, because it makes them more productive. Because there are a variety of learning styles, training is offered in a variety of formats. These are all excellent ways to pick up new skills, learn about new features, and improve your overall mastery of a particular application.
      –  User Manuals & Training Guides
      –  Training Videos which may be web-based, or delivered on CD/DVD
      –  Live Webinar training sessions
      –  User Meeting / Classroom Training sessions

If your software vendors aren’t valued partners to your organization you need to reevaluate. Why not take full advantage of the resources offered to assure that your entire team is getting the most out of your investment in the software tools at your disposal? If you aren’t getting what you need from your accounting and management software, Intersoft Systems welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate what this sort of partnership can do for your organization.

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