Are you open to change?

In the business world, we must continually change to survive. Your competition is looking for ways to be more competitive and one of the ways to stay ahead is to get the most out of your technology solutions. As software developers, we are continually adding new features and capabilities to our software. Many of these enhancements come about as a direct result of customer feedback. We are always looking for ways to make our software solutions more robust and useful. One of your goals needs to be taking advantage of these enhancements as they are offered.

One good example is the electronic Document Management System. Over the course of the last few years, this technology has become mainstream and is now part of many of the integrated ERP software solutions. Most new users struggle with the idea that they don’t need to maintain a file with hard copy documents. Letting go of the paper makes them very uncomfortable, until they have tried it for a few months and realize the time savings and convenience of having all that documentation online. Users find the document management system to be one of the most significant time saving enhancements in recent years.

If your organization is like so many we know, there are likely a variety of capabilities in your existing software solutions that you are not taking full advantage of. In fact, there are probably new capabilities that your users aren’t even aware of. Your software vendors should be seen as an extension of your team, willing to work with you to implement their tools to help your team maximize their productivity.

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