INTERAC Reporting Made Easy

An accounting system is only as good as the information you can get out of it. ​Report Manager makes your INTERAC reports library readily accessible to those who need the critical management data, without requiring them to have access, or learn to use the rest of the accounting applications.

Customizable Reports Menus
Each user gets their own custom menu of reports. They only see the reports that are authorized, so they don’t have to sort through the entire library to find the reports they need. Report Manager groups the reports by source application, like payroll, or accounts payable, making it easy to locate the one you need. Adding and removing reports is also very easy.

Instant Access
Instead of having to interrupt someone in the accounting department every time an updated report is needed, each user can execute any of their reports on demand. Reports will always be current, using the most recent data from accounting, and there is always the option to set special data filters on the reports at run time. 

Security Controlled Access
INTERAC security settings control which users have access to Report Manager. Easily select which reports each user is allowed to see. Select first by application and within the application, which specific reports are to be enabled. The lists are easy to set up and maintain, so even non-accounting users can always have access to the data they need.

See for yourself in this brief Report Manager overview.

​Click on the play button in the video window to start the video. To enlarge the view, click on the Full Screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the video playback control bar in the video. This will switch to full screen view. Click Escape to exit full screen mode.

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