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An integrated suite of financial and management software applications for construction contractors.

The INTERAC Construction Accounting suite is much more than just an accounting system. It is a tightly integrated, flexible, user friendly suite of job cost accounting and construction management applications which will enable your team to become even more productive and your business more profitable.

Job Cost

Job Cost is the core of the system which gathers job related information from the other applications and provides a wealth of construction management information to help you control costs and enhance profitability. 

Job Manager

Job Manager provides project managers, estimators and the management team with an instant snapshot of the jobs with the ability to drill down to the transaction level detail at the click of a mouse. With the integrated Document Management System and reporting tools, everything you need to know is readily available.  (see video below)


The INTERAC core accounting applications are tailored to the needs of the construction trades, so that all the job related information automatically flows directly into the Job Cost system. 

  • Accounts Payable automates the lien waiver process
  • Payroll supports multi-state, union, prevailing wage (certified)
  • Job Billing generates AIA, T&M, free form, and contract billing invoices
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